Runnin On E

Why fear me / Fear the shit I speak / Once this shit drop it’s heard on every fuckin’ street / Like the sound of police
[2Pac & (Hussein Fatal)]
Mr. If you a bad boy
(Yo, what's up)
The police comin' nigga
(Oh shit!)
Get out of there
(Fatal, Outlawz 
 I'm runnin up out this motherfucker
 I'm goin' passed it
 Ain't get me up but fuck that
 This Outlaw nigga)

[2Pac] (x2)
If you a bad boy 
Then you die
Westside outlawz 
When we ride
Get me high
They fucked up when they robbed me
Put another contract on Mobb Deep

[Hussein Fatal]
I focus my locest thought on the enemies
Sick of the Hennessy
It's necessary to finish me
I'm antisocial immortal when it come to the vocal
Jersey them niggas down
And won't approach 'em 'til it's time to smoke 'em
Hussein the terrorist
Nigga they think I'm crazy and creepy
And as we speak they tryin' to find me a therapist
Rapid fire I clap and hire 'til you die a liar
Strap in the city corners droppin' on to spin the tires
My man'll find ya this 357 anaconda
Is enough to brand ya mama then turn around and hand you drama
Military comradery, oulaw 'til they body me
Havoc I gotta have it steady blastin' at Prodigy
Mobb 6 feet deep, you try to bust me 'til death
And I suppose you got the dopest moves like Chucky on fresh
You know the verdict, who what when why he died murdered
Get your physical diverted and your vision deserted

Now ever since momma got fucked 
And papa ducked out
Look at us, murderous thugs 
Showin' less love in the drug house
Similar to savages
It's a wonder we manage
Bring chaos causin' damage on 
Our quest for cabbage
They ask my style similar to cash when flaunted
Most wanted by the population murdered you for it
Exploit your weakness 
Revenge flow deep without release
Criminal orders across the waters 
Bringin' the war to the streets
Why fear me
Fear the shit I speak
Once this shit drop it's heard on every fuckin' street
Like the sound of police
Who run the streets really?
In every hood legends grow
From the hustlas up in Harlem 
To shot callers in O'
And though, Congress
Don't want us to progress, we stressed
My homie buried at an early age 
Hustled to death
His last breath
A lesson I possess like jewels
Stay thugged out keep it movin'

Hey where that nigga...

[Yaki Kadafi]
Halfway thugs don't budge 
When we stalk the streets
Sort of like talkin of narcotics 
When they walk the beat
You speak the beef pussy 
Draw down and drop it
Hit you with 6 shots lay the law down 
And throw the shells in my pocket
Gettin' mines with nine cocked extortin'
Blocks pop with 22's in my socks 
With the butt hangin' out the chocolate
You never seen time I travel across dream crime
My rolls like a million dollar bill
Folded with green lines
With my foes erased 
Drink my Henney straight no chasin'
Catch my body like Haitian 
5 minutes from the station

[Young Noble]
Hit the hole like Allen Iverson with confidence
No finger prints don't mean no evidence 
Or proof the I was present
At the scene of the crime 
Around 10 niggas bleed
After they made this punk fag motherfucker bleed
Money was bloody as shit
Y'all niggas shoulda seen it
Bust a cap and freak with
Bowin' on your knees shit
The Glock to your head nigga
Don't make no somethin' action
Hit innocent by-standers when he blasted
Dump fuckin' backwards
Little homies puttin' work for stripes
But is it worth your life 
And g-rides runnin' red lights
I wish somebody would have told me then
Since I'm an outlaw like Napoleon 
Ain't no cell they can hold me in
Or cage me in
Crazy like Arabians
Hold this spot like them niggas on Fabian
Havin' the fiend page me (page me)
When they want the product
Nigga I got to smoke
Got this weed and the coke 
What you need what you want
What you workin' with?
I'm on some immortal shit
Outlawz we straight hurtin' shit
Use artillery to murder with
Put on the block 
Gangsta party and like 'Pac
Life's hard from the ox me and my niggas on top (paarty)

[2Pac] (x4)
I know the law hate me dearly
Comin' for me
We outlaws, thugged out
Niggas runnin' on E

With my Glock
Quick to let it pop
Fuck the law
Carry steel cause I live on the nigga side of the law
Ridin' foes 
'Cause I can't let hoes catch me slippin'
Quick to blow and dispose 
If you block on hittin'
Ridin' high, blazin'
Kryptonite got a nigga dazin'
Burpin' and smurkin' on enemies before I grave 'em
Ride 'em, look behind him
I see him, he slipped
Had to stop light in a slowly night
(This motherfuckin' trick)
Slide over so I can dump and put it in em
(Damn, I guess this motherfucker know that I sent it)
Hit the pedal now we high speedin'
With the metal tryin' to make these motherfuckers die speedin'
(Yeah that's right)
Up the way I seen him slow down
(I think I done bucked these hoes down)
Caught them runnin' on e
That's kind of funny to me
They know they was fuckin' with me 
But they dumb to see

Open up fire watch 'em expire 
When my shells split 'em
Plus all them trick niggas basically
Can go to hell with 'em
Fuck 'em they phony claimin' they homies
But they foes
Speakin' on thug niggas daily
While we nailin' they hoes
Explode boldly at my stage shows and formation
Words are known to spray blaze as I raise my thug nation
A crooked thought
Cops get bought
No longer caught
Out on bail, raisin' hell
Nigga fuck what you thought
Did you cry when my girl died?
Put out the hit, politic niggas worldwide
Grabbin' my dick
I'll never learn, take away the pain with sherm
Throwin' gas on my enemies
Watchin' 'em burn
Kamikaze, I'm shootin' up the casket take the body
Whip the corpse like a piñata and party
His last breath
A straight lesson I possess like jewels
Stay thugged out keep it movin'
Runnin' on E..
Stay thugged out keep it movin'
Runnin' on E

One time
One time for the niggas that stayed down for us
Runnin' on E
Smif-n-Wessun the Cocoa Brovaz, Buckshot, BDI, runnin' on E
The Bootcamp Click
What happened, that was it?