U Can Be Touched

What the fuck is life for niggaz like us?
Been waking up to another mothafuckin’ day
I’m the type of soldier,
A nigga that seen
Everything in my mothafuckin eyes
I seen my parents get killed
To my mothafuckin eyes
I seen my brother kill his-self in my eyes
I seen Pac.. Yak.. die in the struggle in my eyes
So I know anybody can be touched
You know what I mean?

Oh God forgive me 
Somebody please say a prayer for me
Needed my parents
But they was never there for me
Believe in everything they feed me
I’m seeing demons
I wake up screaming
Who believe me or was I dreaming?
Five fingers on the .45 chrome
Dead aim at my brain
Infrared with no lights on
I ain’t afraid to die
I want to see what’s after this
I’m living blind writing rhymes
Till they capture this
And if we die
Let the world understand why
Soldier my eyes 
Hate to see a young thug cry
They seeing us inside a casket
That’s how they see us
Oh God forgive us ghetto bastards
We human beings
They leaving us inside this hell-hole
Just waiting to fail so they tell us
That’s what jail for
Adolescense young teens turned violent
It’s floating
In a world turned silent
Cause you could be touched

[Hook] [2Pac] (x2)
Young niggaz in the wild life
Criminal mind of a juvenile
Still live a child life
Thinking he can make his pay
Too in a rush
Niggaz better slow down
Cause you can be touched

[E.D.I. Mean]
I live life High Speed
Moving a million miles per hour
Towards my destiny
Making decesions carelessly
Yeah it’s me
Yo nigga man child
Bomb first; stand proud
Ain’t looking for hand-outs
Twenty-five years up in this bitch
And I’ll be damned
If I ain’t leaving rich
And leave my kids a grip
I let my blood drip off in this thug shit
You can be touched
I catch you slippin’ 
While I’m on a money mission
Like right now
30 dollars to my John Hancock
Try to get most my shit don’t flock
I lick off shots for everything they owe me
And when it’s my time to go
I pray the Lord hold me
(U can be touched)

I was born in the city that never sleeps
Schooled by the realest of the real niggaz
That ever breathed
And I was big when I was young
And now I see that I was dumb
My nigga..
Lonnie just got hit with 10... 
10 years
For trusting a friend
They left him stuck in the pen
I love him
We all here just to die here
Plus, nobody cares what got here
Touched by a angel
And kissed by the Lord
Praise the thug ways
And I’ll never be bored
Touched by a angel
And kissed by the Lord
Y’all praise the thug ways
So forever it’s on, baby

[Hook] (x2)

[Young Noble]
Why grieve this life
Planted by the fiends and pipes
Green lights so
I’m seeing-seeing everything twice
Pretty much of nothing nice
We sucking it up
Even when we get a job
We fucking it up
Like it can’t happen to us
I could never be a bum
Yeah right
You wound up one
God forbid I’m touched
Y’all keep living it up
Look and learn
Next it could be your turn...

Yes this a felonies’ hobby
That got me here thinking robbery
Day to day all year long
Teflon protects my body
It’s such unimportant in this criminal cartel
I’m caught 
And supporting me
So in these streets of hockey
I play the goalie
Secretz to war licks, and score shit
Share between clients and homies
Remember what Patcino told me
Before he past
Watch them clowns with them crocodile smiles
Cause they phony
I get that cash, stay lonely
And I’m point like a thong
And it’s survive for the strong
Living outside the laws of this crooked world
I was born touched

[Hook] (x2)