What’s in ya hand nigga, y’all listenin’
Do you understand nigga revolution, what’s ya plan nigga
Since my transition I’ve been misquoted, disrespected, turnin’ over in my grave
Watchin’ y’all behave as if I should be proud or something
The I hear you speak my name like I had a devine strides or something
But relgions are seldom followed and all those sould back slide easy
My life is tarnished so the whole world sees me as a menace
But I implement that hate for me with love for y’all
I look from above for y’all but I can’t find my soldiers
Who’s holdin’ the weight of the world on they shoulders since I left
Who caught my last breath as I exhaled
Derailed from the tracks, who’s ridin’
Make sure they don’t destroy the art form
If they can stop me they can stop thirty more emcees before they even born
So I sacrifice the longevity in life
To make sure you got the message the way you needed it
Existence turns into a lesson to be taught
told, confessed, to be heard and heeded this
Kids walkin’ these dirty roads and it’s your job to pave it
You see niggas dyin’ cuz of what you sayin’
Don’t matter if you ain’t kill ’em
If you ain’t do shit to save ’em you in the way nigga
Save the day nigga or stopy playin’ with ’em
I been yellin’ and screamin’ from my grave for ten years now
But y’all don’t hear me though
Which one of you niggas is gonna step up and say, Pac I got you