Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather, wrote the two famous letters below from his prison cell. The first one is adressed to Tupac and was written on the night of his death. The second one is to the family of Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G. a.k.a. Biggie Smalls), written shortly after Biggie was killed, 6 months after Tupac.

Letter to Tupac

I love you whenever....forever, Tupac, so much I needed to say, so much you wanted to say. Many conversations between us within the ether, whenever forever. The pain inflicted that scarred your soul but not your spirit gave force to the rebellion. Many couldn’t see your dreams or understand your nightmares. How could they, Tupac? I knew your love and understood your passion. But you knew of your beginning and saw your end....racing towards it. You taught and fought through your songs and deeds. RATT-TATT-TATT of words penetrating the contradiction of our existence. Whenever.... forever Who cares? We cared, Tupac. The Shakurs have been guided by struggle, prepared or not, whenever....forever. We’ve exposed our existence, naked from fear, to those who would hear the positive. Who would witness the stress, wear and tear of this lonely path. You couldn’t have evaded the effect or the changes. You inherited it, it was in your genes. But still, you danced your dance, you lived your life. You forced loyality on those who would fake and shake at the true vision. You were Tupac Like the four seasons, we come to this planet taking form, becoming elements of nature, Some of us are only one season, and others like you were part of many seasons. This dynamic will scare most anyone who realized the burden at such an early stage of life. You fought well. We love you. We understand....forever, whenever. Please give my love to our family. Ask them to help you on the other side. Tell Zayd, Lumumba, Aby, Brother Leggs, Mtaryi, Attallah, that they are to continue to help us down here. Shakur’s love is strong. Whenever....forever Friday 13th didn’t mean a thing. Life is for living and dying well. Whenever.....forever.

Allah knows best. We choose the quality of our life. You understand the pain of disappointment in the ones we love. You pushed so many away. Burnt so many bridges so they wouldn’t follow you into battles against the demons you were facing.	Knowing well to what lengths you would go. This battlefield of reality is littered with many meaningless casualties. You never yelled out "Somebody, save me!" You only asked for your soul to be free, whenever....forever. You told us to keep our head up, knowing the pain was coming. Knowing to look for the strength in the heavens. Set your soul free, Tupac Amaru. We keep waiting in vain for their love Will your levitation be awakening of us all? The division unsettling to our dreams and goals? You passing demanding repentance and resistance? We keep waiting, not in vain. We give you love. Give us love. To my brother and son, these emotions are hell. I wish you well in the next journey. My soul aches for comfort. In our next life we will finish our unfinished journey. Whenever.....forever For now Tupac, we will hold our heads up. This journey is at an end, your ashes are in the wind. Friends and enimies will have to look to the stars. You are truly a star. A star navigating through the dynamics of this, your path chosen before you arrived. Lessions we’ve gained will materialize after you’re gone. Whenever....forever Your family will keep the spirit high, for we are Shakurs. We are thankful for what life gives us. Through the pain and the struggle we are blessed by the victory. Go forward, Tupac. The victories—we will teach your mission, we are thankful for you. We love you, Tupac Shakur. We ain’t mad at you, we’ll be better because of you. So now I give you my tears so I might assimilate your loss and I can live on in peace. Knowing I will feed your spirit with my unconditional love, knowing you will need it on your next journey.

May Allah bless you for your deeds and forgive your errors. Tupac come to me and give me strength. Love always. Your father, friend, comrade


Letter to Biggie’s family


To Brother Biggie’s Family; We believe the lost of Biggie and Tupac will have a tremendous impact on our younger generation. When all the facts are received and analyzed, it will show through all the negative and false accusations and unprincipled actions in the public which is where our young draws its influence, Brother Biggie acted in a principle way toward our son and his public actions were principled by their very nature which was true to the life game in which he lived.

Our family has not come to any final conclusion as to who killed our son, Tupac. Nor, why he was killed. His murder and the death of Yafeu “Kadafi” Fula son of Yaasmyn Fula and P.O.W. SEKOU ODINGA a month after Tupac, and the senseless murder of Javana Thomas the daughter of Freedom Fighter Innie Thomas and the late B.L.A commander JOHN THOMAS has our family and extended family in constant grief as well as searching for the truth in all matters. It has always been our position that with no investigation, no right to speak or act. We are continuing our investigation as to determining the truth of all actions and the matters associated with reasons; thereby determing our actions.

We do know that Brother Biggie was a part of an industry that has been under attack from the highest form of government officials. They have targeted Tupac, Sister Souljah, Ice T, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg to just name a few. The object of this attack reportedly was the lyrics’ contents and the connection to crime. “If” this is/was the only case why would devil worshippers(music and artist) not be hounded out also? Since they openly worship the devil in a so-called, God fearing country. (Their music and profane religion outright denounces the government while preaching mayhem destructions and even death to their parents, government and even nonbelievers in their philosophical satanism).

Biggie and Yafeu all could bring us closer to the real deal or turn us in upon ourselves. That power is not easy to comprehend when your only goal is to “come up”. The struggle of saving and speaking for has been a tremendous task for most if not all leaders. But, this government and those who have profitted from the music culture of Black people; really know “power” and how to utilize it both internally and externally. Their goal has been long range and very specific to their economical survival and political agenda. Wheras our loved ones; our rappers, wanted to explain their pain and indentify from where they came, and describe their present life and at times asked us to hope for a better tomorrow, if all things were fair. If our familys’ (SHAKURS) lack of response to rumors and allegations contributed to any confusion as to what principle we stand on; let it be known and clear!! We do not believe in COINCIDENCES. We believe history has demonstrated that the murders of Black people(young & old) who can have a profound impact; those who refuse to “Bos Down”, even if they themselves are not clear on the reasons why, have and will be targeted by the government at its highest level. These murders have historically proven over time to have the hand of government secret agents or the stimulation by the government for negative responses and was initiated by these agents working on behalf of the government and their secret agendas.

We mourn Brother Biggie and Tupac with the rest of the Black Nation because they(our son, brother, father and leader in their own rights) have clearly been victims of a set of circumstances which was implemnted outside of their control and/or ability to influence. While I disagree with the method of discussing issues of our internal contradictions in the entertainment media. Tupac in his Makaveli record clearly changed his wrongful view of who shot him and who was heading it in New York, and why? Thats’ not to say that we know the Makaveli allegations is correct, only that any “Fan” of Tupacs’ would surely have known that Tupac revised his wrongful(stance) against Biggies’ involvement concerning his shooting in New York. And he wanted his “Fans” to know it. It is common knowlege that Brother Biggie was under surveillance by the FBI or other goverment agents. And his every movement was reportedly being watched concerning a parole or possible parole violation. How come those agents did not protect him, or at least apprehend or pursue the people who did the shooting? (and, the same must be said, for my son Tupac). The tactics by law enforcement agencies in the past have been to arrest these high profile artist on gun violations. Leaving them in a “catch 22” situation to violate parole by defending themselves. Or leaving themselves defenseless making them easy prey for a would be assassin and stick-up kid. Surely, the FBI was at the party.

AFENI and I have never supported a Crip vs Blood feud as presented by the Las Vegas Police concerning our son’s assassination. And, I have always pushed the “Codes of the Thug Life”. Which demands that the various crews select representatives and sit down as the peace table and talk about any disputes and misunderstanding that falls between them. Our life is committed to our people, even with the death our our own Tupac and Yaki.(They are not the only martyrs of our family killed under questionable circumstances, and probably won’t be the last. Though I pray otherwise). If we, on the East Coast and the West Coast or the Crips and Bloods(as well as other rival Black Gangs and Street Organizations) began to kill each other(ourselves) over or, for unclear reasons in revenge for matters we are not sure of, we will be killing good potential warriors, who will be needed greatly in the face of OUR REAL STRUGGLE against THE REAL ENEMY (Like you don’t know!!!) who has masterminded the dessension that now exists between families of the same Nation by eradicating ourselves with (Black on Black) crimes. What we must understand is that our warriors are needed when it has been proven beyond contradiction that the CIA were principal importers of Crack Cocaine and Cocaine period into the hood, initiating the newly created Drug laws that were blatantly reacially motivated to set into motion tactics of genocide to destroy and lock away our brothers and sisters for the rest of their lives. They have also created conditions that breed the worst in us. Look at how long the struggle in South Afrika was extended because of the fighting of (Afikan on Afrikan) Zulas against A.N.C and P.A.A.C.

Rap music and the Hip-Hop nation is a movement unclear of its final objectives, but a movement nevertheless, with potentials this government already fully understands and is prepared to destroy. If we look back in our history on the Black Nationalist Movement, the assassination of BUNCHY CARTER and JOHN HUGGINS two great Panthers on the West Coast by the members of U.S. organizations ran by Mr.Ron Karaga. Afters years of my investigation as a memeber of the National Task Force for Cointel-pro Litigation Research, in connection with GERONIMO JI JAGAS’ trial. The motivation and participation in the murders by the FBI has been proven beyond a doubt. The murder-assassination of ROBERT WEBB, a West Coast Panther functioning out of New York, killed on 125th St. and 7th Ave, sparked a vengeful killing of another great Panther, SAM NAPIER.

The assassination of ROBERT WEBB was revealed to be FBI motivated as well as their direct participation in his assassination which in design was to split the parties East Coast and West Coast connection. At that time many of us funcioned out of our emotions and ignorance and played into it. These types of specified killings helped to destroy our movement, accomplishing the governments’ goals. Don’t go for it!!! Learn from our past mistakes...Act at all times by rationale and reasoning. We do not want the death of Tupac or Biggie to be used as a base for internal fractional side contradictions. Nor for Biggie and Tupac to be used to fuel further strife, dissession, and destruction internally by the Federal/Mass Media governing the situation. In the name of Biggie and Tupac, stop playing yourselves, and start putting resources into the real struggle. Show love to your warriors, pay attention to the game that’s being played on/against us. SEARCH FOR TRUTH!!! Don’t look at who shot Biggie and Tupac, but WHY they were shot. Don’t be fooled by the media that(seldom if ever had a kind word for rappers) has never shown real concern for your/our welfare. STOP FAKING TUFF...BE TUFF...!!!

Remember Biggie for being a principled man, not playing into the media’s hype; jumping the gun even in the face of some clear disrespect which I apologize for. Don’t allow them to continue to play them. Instead show them love...Tupac and Biggie will talk on another plane.

Let Tupac’s and Biggie’s fans grow into a true bond like when they first started out. Let’s do it for them! Continue to search for truth.

May ALLAH give comfort to Brother Biggie’s family. Especially his offspring as well as friends and fans. MUCH LOVE TO YOU BIGGIE!!!

To all the Thugs; Live by the code, protect yourselves at ALL times. Failure to do so could cost us all.