I’m Losin it

Lord help me, save me / Mama keep prayin’ / For a young motherfucker tryin’ to duck an early grave
Straight out the motherfuckin’ Bay
Here we go

Lord help me, save me 
Mama keep prayin’
For a young motherfucker tryin’ to duck an early grave
In the city where ya can’t tell the snakes from the fakes
Fakes from the phonies
Enemies of homies
Around the corner there’s another nigga waitin’ to jack
He don’t know I got a Glock 
’Til his ass get shot
Like a motherfuckin’ thug disease
Cravin’ beats like they motherfuckin’ drugs to me
What’s up with bitches tryin’ to screw me? 
Do me cause I did a movie
Throw the pussy to me but before they never knew me
Rather die then let ya play me for a
And with my Glock I’m a plottin’ ass rotten motherfucker, huh
Don’t let the movie fool ya
Let me school ya
Screamin’ “Thug Life” nigga when I do ya
I’m goin’ crazy
Gettin’ dizzy
And then I snap again a motherfuckin’ breather bring me back
I’m tellin’ ya I’m losin’ it

[Hook] (x4)
Said I’m losin’ my mind
Losin’ my mind

[Big Syke]
I’m goin’ crazy
Niggas can’t fade me
On the real I kill when I step to ya fuckin’ grill
So let me kick it let me flip it let me get wicked
I’m not a buster from the hood sellin’ wolf tickets
I hang with G’s flippin’ keys and smokin’ weed
I get the cash and dash and never learn to read
So fuck a bitch, fuck a ho, and I let ya know
Because they come and go like the wind blows
What am I givin’ how I’m livin’ what I’m givin’ up
You can take my life and I don’t give a fuck
Cause I’m the trouble most comin’ from the west coast
Where the niggas is bangin’ ’til the overdose
Killers and murderers
Psychos and lunatics
Nobody knows what makes my mind click
Is it the demons
Screamin’ inside of me?
Hell no it’s just the Thug Life mentallity
I’m goin’ crazy
Shit don’t phase me
I’m livin’ like a thug ’til six niggas carry me
Death is on the trigga so pull it
I can’t take it no more
I’m losin’ it

[Hook] (x4)

[Spice 1]
Shit was talkin’ to me
My gat screamed fire
The bullet told me
“Shoot that motherfucker he’s a liar”
I talked to me 3-80 like a bitch on a stroll
When niggas try to ???
I can’t get fucked in this game I’m a psychopath
My AK told me to shove him up some niggas ass
I’m havin’ long conversations with Mr. Millimeter
He’s one of my best friends
Bitch ass nigga eater
And Miss Mossburg love it in the back trunk
You know that old school bitch she like to get it funked
And spittin’ motherfuckers by the seems
My grand daddy, Mr. AR-15
By the evil motherfucker
Talked me into takin’ over a dope turf and shootin’ cluckers
Said he was my only family
Shoot straight
And please don’t jam me
Got in a fight at the club my gat started talkin’
Told me to shut the fuck up and let him do the talkin’
I woke up and it was sick to see the guts hang
I’m goin’ nuts man
Shit was talkin’ to me

[Hook] (x10)