So Many Tears

Back in elementary, I thrived on misery / Left me alone, I grew up amongst a dyin breed / Inside my mind, couldn’t find a place to rest / Until I got that Thug Life tatted on my chest
I shall not fear no man but God
Though I walk through the valley of death
I shed so many tears
If I should die before I wake
Please God walk with me
Grab a nigga and take me to Heaven

Back in elementary
I thrived on misery
Left me alone
I grew up amongst a dyin breed
Inside my mind
Couldn’t find a place to rest
Until I got that Thug Life
Tatted on my chest
Tell me, can you feel me?
I’m not livin’ in the past
You wanna last?
Just be the first to blast
Remember Kato
No longer with us
He’s deceased
Call on the sirens
Seen him murdered in the streets
Now he rest in peace
Is there a heaven for a G?
Remember me
So many homies in the cemetery
Shed so many tears

I suffered through the years
And shed so many tears
Lord, I lost so many peers
And shed so many tears

Now that I’m strugglin’ in this business
By any means
Label me greedy gettin’ green
But seldom seen
And fuck the world cause I’m cursed
I’m havin’ visions
Of leavin’ here in a hearse
God, can you feel me?
Take me away from all the pressure
And all the pain
Show me some happiness again
I’m goin’ blind
I spend my time in this cell
Ain’t livin’ well
I know my destiny is Hell
Where did I fail?
My life is in denial
And when I die
Baptized in eternal fire
Shed so many tears


Now I’m lost and I’m weary
So many tears
I’m suicidal
So don’t stand near me
My every move is a calculated step
To bring me closer
To embrace an early death
Now there’s nothin’ left
There was no mercy on the streets
I couldn’t rest
I’m barely standin’
About to go to pieces, screamin’ peace
And though my soul was deleted
I couldn’t see it
I had my mind full of demons tryin’ to break free
They planted seeds and they hatched
Sparkin’ the flame
Inside my brain like a match
Such a dirty game
No memories, just a misery
Paintin’ a picture of my enemies
Killin’ me in my sleep
Will I survive till the morning
To see the sun?
Please Lord, forgive me for my sins
’Cause here I come



And Lord knows I tried
Been a witness to homicide
Seen drive-by’s takin’ lives
Little kids die
Wonder why as I walk by
Broken-hearted as I glance at the chalk line
Gettin’ high
This ain’t the life for me
I wanna change
But ain’t no future bright for me
I’m stuck in the game
I’m trapped inside a maze
See this Tanqueray influenced me to gettin’ crazy
Disillusioned lately
I’ve been really wantin’ babies
So I could see a part of me that wasn’t always shady
Don’t trust my lady
Cause she’s a product of this poison
I’m hearin’ noises
Think she’s fuckin’ all my boys
Can’t take no more
I’m fallin’ to the floor
Beggin’ for the Lord to let me in to Heaven’s door
Shed so many tears

[Hook] (x2)