Only 4 the Righteous

Stay showing loving to my hustlers and thugs
And this is for the righteous, only for the righteous
Stay with your man baby this is
For the righteous only for the righteous

Niggaz never understand the game, I got it mapped out
I’m like seven eleven, don’t crapped out
Never been a mask out, ride to riches
This game is vicious, understand how the rhymes are wicked
Before we kick it, let’s get some understandin’ boo
You won’t be foolin’ me cuz I be schoolin’ you
Now I’m sittin’ here listen to ya chit and all that
How ya Sprewells spin and ya crib is fat
Forget about that, I ain’t really trippin’ on that
Cuz I done swam with bigger fish, fucked with bigger cats
Yeah I ain’t reall on that, don’t condone that
I don’t own that, I don’t really know
That’s out the game I just came to have a good time
Shit’s changed it’s still the same
You niggaz know my name
You niggaz know my name
Tell ’em Pac


I’m down with strictly jump so that means I’m more than you can handle
Hot, I’m hotter than the wax from a candle
Yeah that’s right keeps my microphone companion
Lyrics full of knowledge, truth, and understandin’
Hot beats rappin’ is my only recreation
Retire, you must be one some kind of medication
Why, because I never loosen up my mic grip
Drugs, no because I’m livin’ on the right tip
Sex, only with my man because I love him
Babies, impossible we always use a rubber
Bored, rarely cuz I keep myself busy
Scratch, nah I leave the cuttin’ up to dizzy
Dizzy, yeah that’s my DJ he’s the greatest
Word, nah he just payin’ me to say this
The most cultivatin’ treasure
Thanks, your welcome, signed to it’s my pleasure


You know when I first met Tupac
We were both on the road, both new on the road
I was with Ice Cube, he was with Digital Underground
The first time I met a young brother who had so much power then
You know, we were on the road for a long time together
I had the oppotunity to dream with Tupac
Before his dreams became a reality
He used to always talk about music, you know
And I’m just so happy, so thankful to be a part of this project
It touches my heart to be able to give something back

[Chorus] (x2)