U R Ripping Us Apart!!!

This is dedicated...
To my mama
Political prisoner
So called war on drugs 
Headed by this U.S. government
(U my worst enemy)
(I seen you)
Uh, I’d ride for you
(For pac dogg)
I’d roll for you
I’d die for you
It’s all for you

The circle can never be broken no (x4)
(Dedicated to what)(x4)
(talking over singing)
I’d ride for you, I’d roll for you, I’d die for you, it’s all for you
U R ripping us apart
Shit’s, dedicated to crack, I dedicate it to that
Uh, Uh...before you came...Never...Never

Before you came, the triangle never broke
{the triangle never broke}[Word Up]
We were melted, and bonded as one (one), ONE (Dedicated)
But as the two pushed you away {But as the two pushed you away}
The one got weak and embrassed you {One got weak and embrassed you}
[I seen it]
And now You R ripping us apart {And now you R ripping us apart} [Ripping us apart]

(Dedicated to whaaaat) (x2) Dedicated to what (x3)

The worst feeling, {The worst feeling of helplessness}
The greatest pain, has rested in my heart {has rested in my heart}
The vision of heaven fades {The vision of heaven fades} (Dedicated)
And the nightmare of loneliness has started {And the nightmare of loneliness has started} [You started it, I’ma finish it]
My hero has been defeated by you {My hero has been defeated by you}
And now what can I do {And now what can I do} [Whatchew want me to do]
Watch as you destroy us? {Watch as you destroy us} [Uh-huh, Uh]
And our love is finally through? {And our love is finally through} [No]

The circle, can never, be broken, NoOooo
[Dedicated to what, dedicated to crack]

I know the worst is here {I know the worst is here}
I feel it in my heart {I feel it in my heart}
U got in the circle {U got in the circle}
Now yo