Tupac Interlude

Right now
It is it is almost
It is almost, uhh,
Impossible for you not to see 
How strong rap has gotten
Y’know what I’m sayin, it’s it’s like umm..
Our our brothers and sisters
Our youths, and some of our adults
Their ear is pinned 
To rap music right now
And if you really wanna get our message out
And really wanna start teachin
We need to start doin that
We we really need to start usin
Our methods, y’know what I’m sayin?
The Last Poets did it with poetry
And uhh, and and...
Even in our history
From a ancient Afl- African civilization
Poets went from village to village
And that’s how stories and messages and lessons were taught
Y’know what I’m sayin
And so like you say, history repeats itself
And so.. 
It it was, it was.. at it was, y’know obvious
It was, pick it up, y’know?
Bein the race that we are
Bein the strong race that we are
We picked it up
We picked up those positive, those positive vibes
And we started rappin and so
I think it is
It’s a very good medium too