Tupac Shakur, the story of a legend

“A Revolutionary”.

Not often when you ask a 10-year-old what he would like to be, do you get or even do you expect to get ‘a revolutionary’ as an answer. But Tupac Amaru Shakur was not like all the others; not even as a child. Even before he was born, his mother knew this, referring to her unborn child as her ‘little Black Prince’.

Twenty years after he fell victim to a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, millions of fans and hundreds of web sites keep his spirit alive. Every day, people get touched by Tupac for the first time. For most of them, it doesn’t stop just there. The complexity of his person and the diversity of his talent, are what makes Tupac so interesting.

Already a big fan or not, I hope this web site can help you get to know Tupac a little better and maybe even help you discover a new and unknown side to my favourite artist.


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Tupac Shakur, the story of a legend

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